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Q) Once I have applied the Smart Film sheet onto the Stretched Canvas, will the result look as if it has actually been printed onto the Stretched Canvas?

A) Yes it will. The Photofuse Smart Film Sheet is a patented, unique and highly flexible film which you can print on like regular paper using your home inkjet printer, apply it onto a Stretched Canvas or Textured Panel, and then brush in your desired amount of texture. To the untrained eye, It's hard to tell the difference between a Photofuse Canvas you have made yourself and one printed by a photographic store.

Q) Will the Photofuse Smart Film ever peel off the canvas once stuck on?

A) We have tested the product in very hot and cold environments, and the Photofuse smart film will stay permanently adhered to the canvas until you decide to manually peel the printed smart film off the canvas.

Q) Can varnishes be used on the finished product?

A) Yes, you can use pretty much any spray-on or brush-on varnishes on the product to give it a glossy finish and to protect your print from fading.
WARNING: Test all varnishes of a small section of your image first, to see if it gives the desired effect before committing to the whole image.

Q) Is the Photofuse Smart Film Sheet compatible with Laser Printers?

A) The Photofuse Smart Film Sheet is only compatible with Inkjet Printers at the moments. But watch this space.

Q) Does this need any special inks or printers to use?

A) No, the Smart Film Sheets work with normal inkjet ink that you can buy from your local stockist. Photofuse also works with compatible ink cartridges.

Q) How long will my images last on the Stretched Canvas or Textured Panel?

A) It all depends on the quality of inks that are used in your inkjet printer. Some high quality inks such as EPSON DURABrite Ultra® Ink have high fade resistance and can produce images that last 100 years. Lower quality compatible inks fade quicker. Either way, your images should last for many years if kept in appropriate conditions. Like all printed images, if left in direct sunlight, they will fade at a faster rate, however if you use quality inks, the rate the image will fade will be greatly reduced.

Q) Will it work with my computer?

A) At the moment the Easy Print Software is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 & Mac OSX operating systems.

Q) Do I have to use the Easy Print Wizard?

A) No, the Easy Print Wizard just ensures that the image is always sized correctly in the correct position. You can use your favourite image print program to print your image. Just make sure it is printed to the size of the canvas (8"x10") on the Smart Film sheet.

Q) What are the best settings to use on my printer?

A) We have found that changing the paper type to 'Matte Heavyweight' or 'Premium Matte Paper' and setting the print quality to 'Best' gives the highest quality prints. However, every printer is different and you may need to experiment to get the best results possible out of your printer.

Q) How does the Photofuse Smart Film Sheet work?

A) The Smart Film Sheet works just like a thin printable sticker. Print onto it using an inkjet printer. Then stick the Stretched Canvas or Textured Panel to its adhesive side, and then brush over the surface using our special Texture Brush.

Q) Do I have to buy a Photofuse Starter Pack every time I want to make a Stretched Canvas or Textured Panel?

A) We recommend first time Photofusers use the Photofuse Starter Pack as it contains everything one needs along with step by step tutorials to apply your own image onto stretched canvas. Once you have completed this successfully we believe that you can achieve the same results again and again just by purchasing the supplies needed (i.e: Smart Film Sheets and Stretched Canvases).

Q) I want more texture in my image, how do I achieve this?

A) You can achieve more texture on your image using a standard hair drier. Use a medium setting and from a safe distance start to warm the surface of the Smart Film Sheet (when applied to the Stretched Canvas or Textured Panel). The Smart Film Sheet softens at room temperature, and as a result, as you continue to brush, you will obtain superior textured finish.

Q) I've made a crease whilst applying my image, how do I get rid of this?

A) If you make a mistake while applying your image to the surface, don't panic! You are able to peel back the Smart Film Sheet gently and then re-position as necessary. Treat the Smart Film is a very elastic printable sticker. Just don't let the smart film stick to itself.

Q) I've somehow managed to get some air trapped between the canvas and the Smart Film Sheet, how can I fix this?

A) The easiest way is to gently push the air bubbles to the edge then lift that part of the Smart Film up to expel the air and then gently apply that portion of the image back to your canvas or textured panel. You can also poke a pin into the air bubble and smooth down gently.

Q) Can I reuse the Smart Film Applicator?

A) Yes indeed, if used carefully you can reuse the same frame for about 20-40 applications or more. Please ensure you keep the adhesive part of the away from any dirty surfaces to ensure the maximum life of the Applicator.

Q) What do I do when the Applicator isn't sticking properly?

A) You need to replace the Applicator.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us