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"Excellent product, will use again!"
Kurt Claren, London

"Very innovative, and very easy!"
George Hope, Durham

"The product is as good as one can get really."
Russell Clarke, Hampshire

How To Use The Photofuse Photos Onto Canvas Kit

Using the Photofuse Photo To Stretched Canvas Kit is easy. Just follow these 6 simple steps to create a perfect canvas print:
  • Using the Easy Print Wizard Software, position your image, be as creative as you like, there are different effects that you can use for your picture
  • Insert the Smart Film into your printer
  • Print your picture and trim, if necessary
  • Peel off the backing
  • Place over the pre-stretched canvas on its wooden frame
  • Smooth it over the canvas using the applicator and then give the picture texture using the new-style texture brush
And that's it!!!

The whole process takes just a few minutes and is demonstrated in the Photofuse photos onto canvas tutorial video.